I love teaching and I love working with students- whether it is in the classroom or as a mentor. My Teaching Statement (2015) can be found here. Below I have outlined both my teaching experience as well as highlighted some of my research and writing on pedagogy.


I began teaching at the university level at Grand Valley State University in 2008. I taught at Rutgers University- Camden from 2012-2015 and at Miami University during 2015/16 AY. I am now a tenure-track assistant professor at Kent State University.


  • Introduction to Liberal Studies (Liberal Studies), Grand Valley State University
  • Voluntarism and the Nonprofit Sector (Public and Nonprofit Administration), Grand Valley State University
  • Nonprofits: Politics & Policy (Political Science), Miami University
  • Role of Organizations in Urban Communities (Urban Studies), Rutgers University
  • Introduction of Public Administration (Public and Nonprofit Administration), Grand Valley State University
  • Public Administration (Political Science), Miami University
  • Empirical Political Theory (Political Science), Rutgers University
  • Quantitative Methods (Political Science, online), Rutgers University
  • Research Methods (Political Science), Kent State University


  • Graduate Introduction to Public Administration (MPA program, online), Kent State University
  • Research Methods (MPA program, online), Kent State University

I have also assisted and tutored in numerous graduate-level courses, including Public Management, International Negotiations, Research Methods, and Categorical and Limited Dependent Variable Analysis (Doctoral).


I am interested in how and what we teach our students. My writing on pedagogy, particularly on intercultural competency and community development, can be found in the Journal of Public Affairs Education:

In addition to my work on community development pedagogy and activist education in public affairs, I am also interested in ‘Feminist Community Activism’ and ‘Feminist Activist Pedagogy.’ My work in this area draws heavily on my previous career as the assistant director of volunteer management and community outreach in a university based women’s center. Some of my work in this area can be found in the book I co-edited with, Jennifer L Martin and Martina Sharp-Grier titled,  Feminist Pedagogy, Practice, and Activism.  The book is being published by Routledge Press and will be released in May, 2017.