I am an interdisciplinary scholar. My work draws on the fields of public policy and administration, political science, and sociology– as well as social work, nonprofit studies, and urban studies. My research asks: who has power and how is that power manifested? I am interested in critically assessing the value of civic and political participation in local democracy. My work is strongly rooted in my commitment to social equity and social justice. I  wrote a blog post on the subject: Check it out. There are five inter-related themes that are core to my research agenda:
PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Urban and Local Politics & Administrative Ethics, Values
LOCAL GOVERNANCE & DEMOCRACY: Civic and Political Participation
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Community-based Nonprofits & Community Organizing, Grassroots Associations, Social Capital
ACTIVISM: Gender and Social Justice Work, Environmental Justice
PEDAGOGY: Critical Perspectives on Teaching & Learning
I have published in a range of outlets, including Urban Affairs Review, State and Local Government Review, Research on Social Movements, Conflict and Change, and Risk, Hazards, and Crisis in Public Policy, Administrative Theory & Praxis, and Feminist Formations. My book , Power, Participation, and Protest in Flint, Michigan: Unpacking the Policy Paradox of Municipal Takeover, is in production and expected to be released in fall 2019 by Temple University Press. You can read the introduction here. My co-authored book, Unmasking Administrative Evil, 5th edition, is available from Routledge (with Dan Balfour and Guy Adams, 2019). I am co-editor of three books: Feminist Pedagogy, Practice, and Activism: Improving Lives of Women and Girls (with Jennifer Martin and Martina Sharp-Grier; Routledge, 2017); Grand Rapids Grassroots: An Anthology (with Dani Vilella; Belt Publishing, anticipated 2017); and, Community Development and Public Administration: Empowerment through the Enhancement of Democratic Principles (with Jason D. Rivera; Routledge, 2018). I have also written articles for PA Times, The Society Pages, as well as local magazines.